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This game is great, a delightful surprise. I really love the humour from the previous instalments, and this one was no exception. I think the one thing more interesting than using the Easter egg properly is the, uh, Easter eggs involving using the Easter egg in its unintended places.

I really love how this game has music from a wide range of different composers, and it's really interesting to hear what's going to be in the next. I hope the soundtrack for the games would someday be released - all the music is fantastic.

For future instalments, I think it would be nice if the menu option started on "Continue" rather than "New Game" once you've started saving progress. I almost came close to hitting New Game several times when I had progress saved, and while I'm sure this doesn't immediately override your save, it does seem like it could save a bit of inconvenience to those who progress partway through and rapid tap. It's not a huge deal, though. :P

Also, when you use the Heat Blaster in areas where it isn't needed, the last line of the text box reads, "There's a reason why you wear hat." I think that's meant to say, "There's a reason why you wear *a* hat."

See you again in Door 4!!!

solarVagrant responds:

Honestly I'm kind of surprised I've been able to find so many ways to use the Easter Egg.

Huh, that's a really good idea. I'm totally going to include that in the patch I'm pushing up tonight, thanks!

Guh, there's always a few typos that I miss before release. I'll get that fixed soon.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, thank you so much!

Great work; loved the humour and atmosphere. Puzzles were overall well done and intuitive. I was very intrigued by the story and this one had a nice arc that made it feel complete but also wanting to know more about the game to come next. The factory and town tracks are fantastic.

And now, to find the Easter eggs...

Pretty fun. The techno music goes well with the flashy colour pixel art. I'm in love with the chunky pixels. Gameplaywise, it is fast paced, really gets you thinking. I like how you can adjust the speed of the snake; it makes for a crazy challenge up in the higher difficulties. The gimmick is interesting too - shrinking rapidly instead of hitting a wall decreases your "nom" score, but still gives you an opportunity to react, along with the slow motion. All around good stuff!

If there's anything to complain about, I didn't particularly enjoy playing this on a gamepad. Using only joystick controls, I dunno, makes it harder to play in a less intuitive way. I'd prefer the D-pad buttons, but maybe others don't play it like that? Could just be me.

Lastly, the halt noise and humour in this game are well placed. And amusing. This was very enjoyable and cute. The bosses had me surprised, too.

squidly responds:

Oh shit, did I forget D-Pad controls? I just updated - should work now.

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This piece feels so calming and comforting. I like how the notes feel very sparse and independent at times, but their pointilistic nature does convey the feeling of the different aspects of the landscape in a distinct pixelart nature.

The chromatic upper note feels a bit too happy-whimsical to fit with the rest of the composition’s atmosphere, but I think it does tie in nicely when there are multiple melody lines going on. I think the multi-melodic layers pull the piece in interesting dimensions; they almost feel like different elements of nature interweaving with one another but still remaining their own independent entities, like the trees and clouds, maybe.

Out of all the acoustic instruments, I particularly enjoyed the addition of the strings at 1:00. They feel very pixel-like, with their short notes and unnoticeable volume enveloping. I wish that there were more opportunities to hear how that instrument worked against the chiptune sounds, although I did enjoy the little bits of call and response in that particular section.

Overall, I enjoyed the incorporation of the music as the medium itself, whether intentional or not. It was simple, pleasant and hits the atmosphere of the art adequately. Nice work.

Zechnition responds:

Ah I forgot to respond to this review, I got distracted at the time pulling up the project and figuring out what you were referencing 😅. Thanks for all your thoughts, it totally helps!

What I like the most about this piece is the introduction. The hook is not only immediately attention grabbing, but the way only certain guitar notes have that noisy quality to them adds just the right sense of creepiness.

Once the track gets into the heavier guitar-riff stuff, I found myself still enjoying it, though the balancing felt quite off. I didn't really get a sense of dynamics in the track - it mostly felt pretty uniform and I think there was more opportunity to play around with the way the noisiness hit certain notes and rhythms, much like the beginning. Ultimately, I also found the percussion to be very quiet and hidden. It felt as though the drums weren't part of the same piece. The patterns themselves were fine; I just wish they were more integrated with the rest of the instruments.

Overall, this entry was my favourite of the two you had submitted. I like the structure of the piece and I think the resonance and intensity of the guitar instrument does give off that uncomfortable feeling that complements the concept of the art inspiration.

jebuscrust9 responds:

Thank you for the in-depth review. I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed it despite its issues and hopefully I will be able to keep your considerations in mind for when I work on other projects. I'm pleasantly surprised that you liked this one better out of the two as I enjoyed making this one a lot more.

When it comes to the effectiveness of the inspiration, I think this piece does a wonderful job at setting up the scene and playing it out as a fleeting moment. The instruments evoke a mysterious, naturistic feeling that develops into something whimsical as they presumably take on the roles of the person with their instrument alongside the numerous critters.

One issue that held me back from fully enjoying this piece was that as the section from the 1:00 mark builds, the mix starts to get a bit muddy and I start to lose a sense of the scale of the picture. Like narratively, this person is presumably playing to a multitude of bugs, but the way the instruments are mixed make it seem like the bugs are yelling into this person's face. That lead instrument entering at around the 1:08 mark (distorted flute?) also feels like it would have benefitted from some phrasing to enhance the sense of musical narrative in the melody and not make it come across as though every note were hitting the same. A more minor nitpick - the bluesy note in the melody at 1:46 seems out of place in regards to the atmosphere of the composition and comes across as jarring.

Overall, this entry does a great job of setting the scene as depicted in the picture, and I think the instrument choice suitably alludes to the nighttime tones and the amusing concept of bugs "singing" along with the individual. The piece does feel very short-lived, however, and I think there was a lot more room for development that could have been explored. It’s a great atmosphere that leaves as soon as the stage is set.

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