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This game is great, a delightful surprise. I really love the humour from the previous instalments, and this one was no exception. I think the one thing more interesting than using the Easter egg properly is the, uh, Easter eggs involving using the Easter egg in its unintended places.

I really love how this game has music from a wide range of different composers, and it's really interesting to hear what's going to be in the next. I hope the soundtrack for the games would someday be released - all the music is fantastic.

For future instalments, I think it would be nice if the menu option started on "Continue" rather than "New Game" once you've started saving progress. I almost came close to hitting New Game several times when I had progress saved, and while I'm sure this doesn't immediately override your save, it does seem like it could save a bit of inconvenience to those who progress partway through and rapid tap. It's not a huge deal, though. :P

Also, when you use the Heat Blaster in areas where it isn't needed, the last line of the text box reads, "There's a reason why you wear hat." I think that's meant to say, "There's a reason why you wear *a* hat."

See you again in Door 4!!!

solarVagrant responds:

Honestly I'm kind of surprised I've been able to find so many ways to use the Easter Egg.

Huh, that's a really good idea. I'm totally going to include that in the patch I'm pushing up tonight, thanks!

Guh, there's always a few typos that I miss before release. I'll get that fixed soon.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, thank you so much!

Great work; loved the humour and atmosphere. Puzzles were overall well done and intuitive. I was very intrigued by the story and this one had a nice arc that made it feel complete but also wanting to know more about the game to come next. The factory and town tracks are fantastic.

And now, to find the Easter eggs...

Pretty fun. The techno music goes well with the flashy colour pixel art. I'm in love with the chunky pixels. Gameplaywise, it is fast paced, really gets you thinking. I like how you can adjust the speed of the snake; it makes for a crazy challenge up in the higher difficulties. The gimmick is interesting too - shrinking rapidly instead of hitting a wall decreases your "nom" score, but still gives you an opportunity to react, along with the slow motion. All around good stuff!

If there's anything to complain about, I didn't particularly enjoy playing this on a gamepad. Using only joystick controls, I dunno, makes it harder to play in a less intuitive way. I'd prefer the D-pad buttons, but maybe others don't play it like that? Could just be me.

Lastly, the halt noise and humour in this game are well placed. And amusing. This was very enjoyable and cute. The bosses had me surprised, too.

squidly responds:

Oh shit, did I forget D-Pad controls? I just updated - should work now.

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One thing I like about this piece is that it has a very clear sense of direction due to the supporting repeated strings and that recurring melody line that doesn't resolve. The sound design is good; I like how the repeated low string notes serve as an overarching percussive element to the piece.

I also enjoyed the incorporation of the choir sound, but it felt underused. The choir could have added some heightened tension and culminate to a climax, but the choir in this entry seemed to be a single line that often was in unison with the melody or accompaniment line of another instrument. Some use of harmonic lines within the choir could have also helped to add more depth to the composition.

Other than that, there was this lightness to the instruments that felt swift despite the fast paced composition, and I think that really helped to convey this character dashing out of a dangerous situation while remaining quick and light on her feet.

NativeNiles responds:

Thank you for the review!

I like that the progression of this piece feels like it reflects a journey through this whimsical radish land. Like the intro is like the (metaphorical) curtains pulling away and revealing this land where all the cute radishes start singing to welcome you. I like the musical interpretation of this land - everything feels very high and light, like each note has a slight attack so you don't hear that little "pop" you might hear with some chiptune instruments in particular, which helps to give the piece that "lineless" appearance reflecting with the art inspiration.

I also really enjoyed the interpretation of the radishes singing at 1:15 - I imagine this is supposed to represent the song they're supposed to be singing as described in the art based on its repetition. I would have liked to hear the radish song be more catchy. Personally, I see these radish folk singing a song that would have been a total earworm, thus why they'd be singing it for hours with no end. As a result, it feels like the song in this entry almost kind of blends in with the rest of the world and then vanishes with little impact.

Regardless, I love the wonkiness and I do agree that the singing is fun, but only in how it's interpreted timbre-wise. In general, I can see that there was a lot of thought put into musically conveying this art and for the most part, it comes through quite prominently. Overall, this is a very good entry.

For an entry that is almost 3.5 minutes long, there are a lot of ideas and moods at play here and I think that made this piece quite engaging as you never really know when or where the mood or atmosphere will shift. I like how it starts all cutesy and whimsical but there's this long held, off-key tone that slowly wedges its way into the composition that makes things feel a bit unsettling but in a way that feels like foreshadowing for sections to come.

That reed instrument playing the melody...an oboe(?) at 0:30 was a great way to transition, timbre-wise into the less chipper atmosphere set by the first section. I can tell each section had a lot of detail and thought put behind it. One thing I was curious about was that each mood/atmosphere in every little section felt like it existed on its own, the main example being that sudden shift from the mysterious tones to a more uplifting tone at 1:42. What was the intention of having each mood be a standalone section, or do you see it as such? Personally I felt like in an exploration in an RPG-esque manner would take more time in between sections, whereas the amount of time spent in most sections here feels quite short.

I see this piece as a score for a short film based on the art inspiration if it were animated. The playing around with the spontaneously changing sections seems to suit the change of different scenes in quick succession, so in that sense, it brings the art inspiration to life.

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the review and hosting the contest again :) I did intend for this song to be like a film score in my approach to creating different sections. I wanted to cover a lot of ground in this mysterious world rather than solely create music that matches this one scene. Each of the sections is short because I didn't have the time to compose a longer piece. I composed until the last hour I had available before the deadline and did the best I could.

I make music for Team Spontaneous Combustion (my game jam team) and participate in miscellaneous music compos. I'm also into indie games. Avatar + banner by Frostyflytrap (https://twitter.com/frostyflytrap)

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