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This game is great, a delightful surprise. I really love the humour from the previous instalments, and this one was no exception. I think the one thing more interesting than using the Easter egg properly is the, uh, Easter eggs involving using the Easter egg in its unintended places.

I really love how this game has music from a wide range of different composers, and it's really interesting to hear what's going to be in the next. I hope the soundtrack for the games would someday be released - all the music is fantastic.

For future instalments, I think it would be nice if the menu option started on "Continue" rather than "New Game" once you've started saving progress. I almost came close to hitting New Game several times when I had progress saved, and while I'm sure this doesn't immediately override your save, it does seem like it could save a bit of inconvenience to those who progress partway through and rapid tap. It's not a huge deal, though. :P

Also, when you use the Heat Blaster in areas where it isn't needed, the last line of the text box reads, "There's a reason why you wear hat." I think that's meant to say, "There's a reason why you wear *a* hat."

See you again in Door 4!!!

solarVagrant responds:

Honestly I'm kind of surprised I've been able to find so many ways to use the Easter Egg.

Huh, that's a really good idea. I'm totally going to include that in the patch I'm pushing up tonight, thanks!

Guh, there's always a few typos that I miss before release. I'll get that fixed soon.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, thank you so much!

Great work; loved the humour and atmosphere. Puzzles were overall well done and intuitive. I was very intrigued by the story and this one had a nice arc that made it feel complete but also wanting to know more about the game to come next. The factory and town tracks are fantastic.

And now, to find the Easter eggs...

Pretty fun. The techno music goes well with the flashy colour pixel art. I'm in love with the chunky pixels. Gameplaywise, it is fast paced, really gets you thinking. I like how you can adjust the speed of the snake; it makes for a crazy challenge up in the higher difficulties. The gimmick is interesting too - shrinking rapidly instead of hitting a wall decreases your "nom" score, but still gives you an opportunity to react, along with the slow motion. All around good stuff!

If there's anything to complain about, I didn't particularly enjoy playing this on a gamepad. Using only joystick controls, I dunno, makes it harder to play in a less intuitive way. I'd prefer the D-pad buttons, but maybe others don't play it like that? Could just be me.

Lastly, the halt noise and humour in this game are well placed. And amusing. This was very enjoyable and cute. The bosses had me surprised, too.

squidly responds:

Oh shit, did I forget D-Pad controls? I just updated - should work now.

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The overall bloated sound of the piece is a great take on being chaotic without really feeling fast paced. In fact, the slower feeling of the tempo allows for the recurring melody to pop out. I love how the piece is structured around random sounds; the various instruments being reduced add splashes of colour that made for a dynamic experience listening for the first time.

Even though I love how much the recurring melody pops out, I think the piece could be even more chaotic in terms of its texture. Another melody playing on top of the recurring one and soforth could throw off the balance and make for an even more interesting experience, especially on relistens. You could also change up the timing at which sounds appear - maybe coming in at a weak beat or in the middle of a weak beat.

My favourite parts would be the sounds that come in at 1:15 (reminds me of pizz strings) and 1:50 because electric guitar and chiptune is <3.

Zechnition responds:

Thanks for the review!

I definitely agree with your points, I think the peaks could have been made more interesting in order to better contrast with the slower sections. Balance is an interesting concept that I didn't consider when writing this song, but I totally see how it fits within the main ideas and could add depth in certain areas. I was actually aiming for a more fast paced song, but I didn't quite achieve the apparent speed I was looking for. Also, looking back at this song again I really noticed how rough it was around the edges. I'd love to spend some more time mastering it, but I suspect my skills aren't quite up to the task.

Anyways, thanks again for the tips, they're a big help!

In my opinion, this was one of the most distinct and unpredictable entries in the compo. When that guitar comes in, it feels so unnatural to the rest of the accompaniment, but the melody's contour and notes make it so that it *just* fits the first time I hear it. As it continues repeating the same phrase, I start to really get into it and fully embrace it as a catchy and off-putting groove. I especially love the play in the tempo changes towards the ends of the sections. I could have listened to either section for five minutes straight - it has that perfect outdoorsy vibe that I can make connections with from the art.

I think the one thing that really sticks out in this piece is the two-section structure. Both sections are enjoyable in their own right, however, the presence of the two of them and the way they are connected in this piece feels truncated, to some extent. The tempo slowdown towards feels like a natural progression for how each section can develop, but using it as a means to immediately transition into the next section feels a little too abrupt for this piece whose strength is in its vibes. Perhaps there is a way to make the transition between these two sections feel more natural rather than, well, sectional, such that it would put a lot more focus on the atmosphere and mood rather than its structure.

If there were a transition between sections - heck maybe even some psuedo-section in between - as unexpectedly fitting as that guitar, I think it would have been top 3 material for me. I was a big fan of this one and it was one of my personal runner-ups.

This entry has an engaging introduction, with the buildup of those synth arps and the piano melody presenting a pleasantly singable higher melody that conveys a large sense of scale. I think all the parts are in place - the piece has a good sense of structure, with the long, drawn out intro and the super intense second half. The transition from the first to second half was very effective and I love that three-note repeated pattern in the bass.

While I found myself enjoying particular elements, I felt that this piece didn't leave a lasting impression on me. It was engaging to listen to just enough to hold my attention, but after multiple listens, I didn't really find anything I could take away from it. Personally, I think a large part of it had to do with the composition and the chord progression, especially during the opening. Despite the melody in the piano complementing the undertones of the synth arps, I found the chord progression to be unsatisfying such that when the fast snares come in, I didn't feel like the composition, as a whole, was progressing. Yeah, it had the parts necessary for a distinguishable transition, but it didn't feel like that transition was satisfying. Not to mention that by the time the quick snares came and went, the arps were still playing at more or less the same manner and by that point, I felt quite sick of hearing them.

There is a great repeating section towards the end at around the 3:20 mark. I loved hearing that extra synth that interjects between the melody and the choices for the notes evoked a certain degree of emotion that I felt was missing when I first heard the melody.

Overall, I felt like the components were fine - the sound design was good, the structure was good - there were parts that I really liked, but nothing that really made a lasting impression on me. I do think a big part of it has to do with the composition and the way some layers were arranged. With a huge turnout at AIM comes the unfortunate cut to entries that would have probably made it in smaller compos. I think this would have been one of them.

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