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I make music for Team Spontaneous Combustion (my game jam team) and participate in miscellaneous music compos. I'm also into indie games. Avatar + banner by Frostyflytrap (https://twitter.com/frostyflytrap)

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Yo does it matter how long you've been a member? I'm new here and I haven't posted any art yet, so I'm not sure if I'm eligible

How long you’ve been a member for doesn’t really matter, need to be scouted in Audio on Newgrounds

*but you need to be (was editing a sentence and I guess some words got lost along the way)

@Drooskuna @Random-storykeeper Alright, thanks for the heads-up. Gonna see if I can get scouted in time

Heya, is there still the possibility of entry-lengths being extended to 8 mins this year?

After passing it around with the judges, we will be keeping the 3-6 minute range for this compo. Assuming we get around the same amount of entries as last year, it could become too long to judge and evaluate entries if everyone hit the 8 minute mark.

May I plz judge

Sorry, the judging panel has already been established.

For the fan favorite voting system, What if you had 3 votes that were equal, but you could vote for something multiple times? So you could spread your votes to 3 separate entries, you could vote for one entry you really like 3 times, or you could vote for one entry twice and one entry once.

That’s not a bad idea, as it wouldn’t force someone to rank all the entries they want to vote for if they don’t want to. But it also may be confusing to implement, and I think more people would be inclined to simply cast votes to three entries. Still, having multiple votes alone could help with alleviating ties...I would go up to 5, probably.

I think I will finally participate in something this time around

@LD-W @Random-storykeeper Ahh fair enough, I'll have to not do any extra-long intro's then haha

Looks interesting, I'm not much of a composer but it'd be cool to give this a shot


I would love to try, not even for the prize(not that i dont need it lol) but to test myself.

Hoo boi, I am lookin' forward to this >:)

Would it be possible to use multiple Art Portal submissions in 1 entry?

Interesting question. It would be best if it were kept to one art submission as an inspiration.

@ChordsInMotion @Random-storykeeper Alrighty, will do :)

its 11:07

also can i be a judge

Good luck everyone!

Question. While I know the song should be original work, would it be ok if it was inspired by say a fan drawing?

Your song can be inspired by fanart from the Art Portal (as long as the art satisfies the other requirements), but the song itself cannot be a remix, ie. it must be an original composition.

@Random-storykeeper Understood.

I think that it's very difficult to prove that a song was started or finished before the jam started. I could've entered a song I finished in early February and submitted that in late May. How can you detect this form of cheating?

There is no way to completely ensure that no one will cheat during these competitions. Sometimes, the obvious can be filtered out - for instance, someone submitting a track that was made before the start of the submissions period will lead to instant disqualification. After that, it often comes down to the honour system. If it is revealed or discovered that the user did cheat in the contest, then they get disqualified. But I think cheating doesn't really do any good for anyone in the contest - I mean, a large part of entering a music compo is for a user's own self progress, to challenge themselves and further their craft. I would hope that everyone who participates simply doesn't take an entry they made several years ago and use that as a submission, but I can't 100% detect anything, just the most egregious offenses.

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